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Storing research data

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Data storage allows researchers to keep digital information in such a way that it can be retrieved in future. Securely storing data in this way has become an increasingly important and burdensome responsibility for researchers, particularly as the size of their data sets grow.

It’s no longer sufficient – or feasible – for researchers to store and share data from their personal computers, or write it to an external drive and leave it in their bottom drawer. To help researchers manage this challenge, UCT provides ample data storage options in reliable and secure location.

To assist our researchers with their needs for storing digital research data, UCT provides cloud-based storage options on Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, and has established local infrastructure that provides large pools of data storage at a hugely discounted price. The data is stored on storage arrays hosted in a highly secure data centre, and for security, it is replicated to an off-site data centre. You can gain secure access to your data – from anywhere in the world – using your UCT credentials.

Get access

To order data storage, email UCT eResearch and let us know how much space you need. You can find out more on the eResearch website.