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UCT’s Research Support Hub website is your first stop for all your research support needs. Owned by the Research Office the website will guide you through the various support services available to our researchers at every step of the research project lifecylce.


The team


Marilet Sienaert

 Dr Marilet Sienaert
 Executive Director
 Tel: 021 650 4402

Christina Pather

 Ms Christina Pather
 Deputy Director
 Tel: 021 650 2434

Bekezela Zulu

 Ms Bekezela Zulu
 Admin Officer
 Tel: 021 650 1754


Research Finance and Operations

The finance and operations unit manages the financial planning and budgeting, financial analysis, evaluation and reporting as well as financial control and risk management for the Research Office. The operations arm of the cluster covers all administrative and financial coordination within the Research Office, as well as space management, health and safety liaison and the logistical coordination of visits to the office.

Leigh Wentzel

 Ms Leigh Wentzel
 Manager: Research Finance
 Tel: 021 650 1753

Thabi Magwada

 Ms Thabi Magwada
 Assistant Finance Manager
 Tel: 021 650 5784

Jayne Alexander

 Ms Jayne Alexander
 Senior Officer: Operations
 Tel: 021 650 5440


Global Strategy and Visibility

The global strategy and visibility unit is the strategic arm of the Research Office, and includes a number of functions all to a greater or lesser extent focused on ensuring that the university’s research endeavour is visible internationally. This includes identifying and nurturing international partnerships and networks with a research focus, supporting strategically important interdisciplinary research groups, the analysis of research data (such as co-publishing data and international rankings) to best position the university globally, and the communication and marketing of research.

Carolyn Newton

 Ms Carolyn Newton
 Manager: Global Strategy & Visibility
 Tel: 021 650 1715

Dianne Bond

 Dr Dianne Bond
 Senior Data Analyst
 Tel: 021 650 5490

Lisa Boonzaier

 Ms Lisa Boonzaier
Communications Manager and Science Writer
 Tel: 021 650 1845

Wilna venter

 Ms Wilna Venter
 Research Collaboration Specialist
 Tel: 021 650 4380

Natalie Simon

 Ms Natalie Simon
 Senior Officer: Communications and Marketing
 Tel: 021 650 1845

Jess Oosthuizen

 Ms Jess Oosthuizen
 Senior Officer: Communications and Marketing
 Tel: 021 650 1951

Ms Latiefa Jattiem

 Ms Latiefa Jattiem
 Senior Administrative Officer
 Tel: 021 650 5440

Fikiswa Matoti

 Ms Fikiswa Matoti
 Administrative Assistant
 Tel: 021 650 5204


Office of Research Integrity

The office of research integrity works collaboratively with research ethics, animal ethics and biosafety committees as well as individual researchers under the auspices of the senate ethics in research committee and senate animal ethics committee and the institutional biosafety committee, to promote responsible conduct of research (RCR). Our scope and function is broad and includes topics such as research ethics, (financial) conflicts of interest, misconduct, authorship issues, regulatory and funder compliance and, whistle-blowing. We provide advice and support, facilitate many compliance processes and strive to promote RCR across the broad research landscape.

Lyn Horn

 Dr Lyn Horn
Senior Manager
Tel: 021 650 1287

Paula Saner

Ms Paula Saner
Research Integrity Coordinator
Tel: 021 650 1256

Sidney Engelbrecht

Mr Sidney Engelbrecht
Tel: 021 650 5057

Werner Van Der RosssMr Werner Van Der Ross
Senior Administrative Officer: Compliance
Tel: 021 650 2501

Research Support Services

Research support services are responsible for a number of services in support of the university’s researchers and the research endeavour. These include the support of UCT’s evaluation applications and funding proposals to the National Research Foundation; the servicing of UCT research funding and strategic committees (such as the University Research Committee and its sub-committees); and statutory reporting requirements to government such as submission of research output data to the Department of Higher Education and Training.


Ms Natalie le Roux
Manager: Research Support
Tel: 021 650 2432


Ms Roshan Sonday
Coordinator: Research Services
Tel: 021 650 2426

Mr Mbasa Mguye
Coordinator: Research Services
Tel: 021 650 7925


 Ms Ronel de Swardt
 Coordinator: Research Services
 Tel: 021 650 2892

 Ms Jacky Sylvester
 Senior Officer: Research Support
 Tel: 021 650 2689


 Mr Paul Dantu
 Senior Officer: Research Support
 Tel: 021 650 1954

 Ms Robyn Udemans
 Senior Officer: Research Support
 Tel: 021 650 1924

 Ms Janine Ramandh
 Administrative Assistant
Tel: 021 650 1953


Postgraduate Studies and Researcher Development

The researcher development unit supports the development of research capacity through seminars, workshops, one-on-one consultations and some research funding. Recognising that academics can have very different research backgrounds, we aim to help them achieve their individual research potential. We support academics to reach key research milestones - their PhDs, publications, successful postgraduate supervisions and winning grant proposals, among others; throughout, we are mindful of their responsibility towards broader society through engaged scholarship.

Professor Peter Meissner

 Prof. Peter Meissner
 Tel: 021 650 3171

Dr Dheshnie Keswell
Coordinator: Researcher Development (Science Stream)
Tel: 021 650 5984


Ms Dumisa Dlodlo
Senior Officer: Postgraduate Development
Tel: 021 650 3835

Dr Gaelle Ramon

 Dr Gaelle Ramon
 Manager: Researcher Development
 Tel: 021 650 2431

 Dr Charles Masango
 Coordinator: Researcher Development (Social Sciences Stream)
 Tel: 021 650 5128


 Mr Sonwabo Ngcelwane
 Coordinator: Researcher Development (Engaged  Scholarship)
 Tel: 021 650 2103

 Ms Judith Rix
 Administrative Assistant: Research Development
 Tel: 021 650 5152


 Ms Barbara Schmid
 Project Manager: Knowledge Co-op
 Tel: 021 650 4415 

Prince Qwaka

 Mr Prince Qwaka
 Administrative Assistant: Knowledge Co-op
 Tel: 021 650 4305


Proposal Development

The purpose of this unit/position is to enable and enhance the submission of competitive international funding proposals by UCT’s academic staff. Dr Dionne Miles’s role is to assist established researchers in the entire proposal development process, from identifying suitable sources of funding and co-ordinating potential collaborators to developing and submitting the proposal. Focussing mainly on international, multidisciplinary, multi-collaborative proposals, her support services include editing, proof-reading, strategic advice, budget development, liaising with the funder, and co-ordinating and integrating inputs from multiple collaborators. She also provides an important link between academics and the Central Research Office; Research Contracts & Innovation; Faculty Research Offices; Central Finance; and Faculty Finance offices, all of which are involved at various stages of an international proposal’s submission.

Dionne Miles

 Dr Dionne Miles
 Proposal Development Specialist
 Tel: 021 650 4770



Research Systems

The research systems unit ensures that innovative, ICT-based management and information systems – aligned with UCT’s Research Strategy – are implemented to support the UCT research community. The systems manager is tasked with working across a range of professional staff departments that support research (Research Office, Postgraduate Studies, International Academic Programmes Office and Research Contracts & Innovation) to ensure integration with other ICT systems, provide business systems leadership for current and possible future research and student mobility requirements, and provide overall management and support coordination of these systems.

Kimi Keith

 Ms Kimi Keith
 Systems Manager
 Tel: 021 650 5744