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Publication Count

  • 1. How do I link an edited book to a chapter in a book? 

    You need to create the edited book first and place it in the status of Review by Research Office. The edited book will then appear in the list of edited books so that you can link it to the chapter.

  • 2. How do I add a missing author to the eRA?

    If you cannot find a missing author in the eRA, please log a call for the author to be added. Please make sure that the author is affiliated to UCT.

  • 3. How do I link an author to another department?

    If your author is linked to another faculty or department, please log a call to have them affiliated to a different faculty or department. This will have to be authorized by the head of that department so it will assist if you have written proof that the head of the department approves of this affiliation prior to logging the call.

  • 4. How do I change a name of an author in the eRA?

    If your author would like his/her name changed on the eRA, this needs to be changed in the source system that the eRA pulls the information from. For permanent staff, please complete the HR101 form. For contract staff, the third party administrator in your area may be able to change the name. For students, please contact Student Systems Support. If there is a discrepancy between the information in the source system and what is on the eRA, please log a call here.

  • 5. How do I recalculate units on publications? - for the Research Office role only

    There are different scenarios involved:

    • UCT authors calculates automatically based on the number of cards attached to a record. If you need to change the number of authors (for example, if you want to change 2 authors to 1.5 because one of the authors is shared with another university), change the number in UCT authors field and click save and the units claimed will change.
    • If you need to change the total number of authors for a publication, you should change this by adding or removing the authors name(s) in the author field on the Key Information tab, then erasing the value in total authors on the PubCount tab, and clicking save. This will recalculate and add or subtract the authors. If you are removing authors, make sure to remove the comma after the final author’s name in the author field.
    • If the total number of authors is the same but you need to remove a UCT author, leave the authors field as-is and delete the card of the person that should not be counted as a UCT author. Then delete the value in the UCT author field on the PubCount tab and click save. Then this field and the total units claimed will recalculate.
    • If the unit value for an authored book is incorrect (or zero), adjusting the number of pages (by changing the start and end pages) and deleting the unit value and clicking save will recalculate the unit value and the units claimed value.
    • If you need to change the number of pages total for a publication, change the start or end page value and click save, and the total pages will recalculate. Note that only the authored book publication type calculations are dependent upon the page numbers for the calculations.

    Keep in mind that some fields cannot be overwritten manually, including the number of units a publication type is worth (this is based on the type of publication that it is, and in the case of authored books is dependent upon the number of pages), and the units claimed (which calculates based on the units a publication is worth, and the proportion of authors from UCT). It is also important to note that changing internal splits will not affect the unit calculations in any way.