NRF mobility and infrastructure mobility

A number of bilateral and multilateral calls are sent out every year. These calls vary from year to year in terms of country collaborators, research focus and deadlines. Please check the Current Funding Opportunities page to see calls or contact Research Office if you have further queries.

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Equipment-related Travel and Training Grants

This funding instrument makes funds available to help the broader science community access state-of-the-art research equipment that is not available at the home research institution, regionally or nationally. Read more.

International Council for Science (ICSU) South Africa Secretariat

The South African ICSU Secretariat serves the South African scientific community and most of the ICSU scientific unions and affiliates to which South Africa adheres. Two types of ICSU grants are supported by this call:

1. Travel Grants This investment area is to be divided into two categories:

a. Travel by South African researchers to participate in ICSU-related international conferences, workshops and meetings.
b. Invited foreign speakers to participate in local ICSU-related conferences and workshops.

2. Event Support Support for hosting ICSU-related events in South Africa.

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South Africa-Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (SA-JINR)

In 2005 South Africa became a member of the JINR. This enables the establishment of research collaboration between South African and JINR researchers. The grant assists researchers and postgraduate students with funding to travel to JINR facilities, or to host JINR research leaders in South Africa. Read more.

Knowledge Interchange and Collaboration (KIC)

The KIC funding instrument is aimed at building and maintaining excellence in South African research through the promotion of international collaboration. Support for travel and participation in scientific events includes:

• Travel grants for individual researchers
• Visiting foreign researchers
• Research-based interaction with other African countries
• Support for local scientific events

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United Kingdom (UK)–South Africa Researcher Links Grants for Travel and Hosting of Scientific Events 2015

The NRF of South Africa, in partnership with prominent UK academies (the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society) and the British Council, offers grants to UK and South African researchers to support mobility and hosting of workshops, and to provide financial support for researchers from these countries. Read more