NRF infrastructure capacity development

A number of funding instruments are available to established researchers. These opportunities are primarily call-based and are released according to the NRF’s schedule. For more information and to check the call deadlines please visit the Current Funding Opportunities page or contact Research Office.

Infrastructure Bridging Finance

Infrastructure Bridging Funding makes non-interest-bearing bridging funding available to a maximum value of R5 million – or the size of the NRF grant deposit – per university. The aim is to contribute to the physical infrastructural requirements needed to support either the acquisition of, or upgrade to, state-of-the art research equipment or platform research projects in strategic areas. Read more.

National Equipment Programme (NEP)

The NEP, through a competitive peer-reviewed process, makes funds available to support the acquisition, upgrade or development of state-of-the-art research equipment. This involves major items of equipment for multi- and interdisciplinary research that usually requires significant capital investment, specialised operators and dedicated personnel to operate and maintain the equipment. Read more.

Research and Innovation Award Programme (RIRP)

The National Research Facilities (NFs) RIRP is aimed at improving the quality and quantity of research outputs from the researchers at the NFs by making monetary awards for quality research outputs generated by the NFs. Read more.

Strategic Research Infrastructure Programme (SRIP)

The SRIP initiative aims to complement the two equipment programmes (National Equipment Programme and Strategic Research Equipment Programme) that are currently managed by the NRF and aims to support the acquisition, development and upgrade to state-of-the-art research equipment. Read more.