Hosting a conference grants


The primary aim of these grants are to assist departments in arranging research conferences and symposia with seed funding . The focus is on providing support for smaller research conferences that would not take place without this seed funding. These grants are not intended for research development workshops or for large mainstream international conferences or national society annual conferences.


The hosting a conference budget is allocated annually by the URC.


UCT researchers who are:

  • permanent academic staff
  • honorary research associates, emeritus professors, emeritus associate professors, honorary professors, honorary associate professors and senior research scholars who have published in accredited, subsidy-earning publications in the past year
  • joint permanent academic staff (excluding registrars).

Submission process

There is one deadline and one meeting date per annum. Please check the current opportunities page to see if this call is currently open. Alternatively, please contact

Researchers may apply to this grant using the hosting a conference grant application form (R&I16).

Hard copies may be posted to the Research Office, 2 Rhodes Avenue, Mowbray or e-mailed to (but not both). Please ensure that you receive an acknowledgement of receipt two days after the closing date.


  • Normally, given that this grant is intended to provide seed funding to initiate conference arrangements, applications must be for conferences that will take place in the year following the application and these applications will be prioritised. However, under exceptional circumstances, applications for conferences occurring in the year of application (but at least three months subsequent to the outcome date) will be considered under exceptional circumstances.
  • In this case, a strong motivation must accompany the application, indicating why it was not possible to submit an application to the previous call.

The department or group must:

  • attract international leaders to participate in the UCT conference who will interact with academic staff and postgraduate students
  • have a strong and productive research team in the area of the proposed conference;
  • have a strong nucleus of productive research students of high calibre who will benefit from participation in the conference.
  • partly contribute towards financing the conference (this contribution should be over and above the provision of space and routine facilities and support). If this is not possible, they must provide reasons and be responsible for its organisation.

In addition, the following points apply:

  • Where there is more than one application per department, the dean will be asked to prioritise the applications. The proposed conference, which may be open or closed, must advance the development of research at UCT. The application must indicate expected research output. Please note that peer reviewed output that generates DHET subsidy carries a higher weighting.


Email for more information.


Hosting a conference grant application (R&I16).

Hosting a conference report template (R&I32).