Equipment grants


The purpose of these grants is to provide funding to faculties for prioritised pieces of large equipment not covered for funding by faculty equipment committees.


UCT researchers are eligible to apply if they are:

  • permanent academic staff
  • permanent joint academic staff (excluding registrars).

Not eligible to apply:

  • honorary research associates
  • emeritus professors
  • emeritus associate professors
  • honorary professors
  • honorary associate professors
  • senior research scholars.

Those who wish to have access to new equipment must form part of research groupings and may not be the principal applicant.

Submission process

Please check current opportunities page to see if this call is currently open. Alternatively please contact the Research Support Services for timelines around this call. Department/individual researchers must make applications directly to the faculty equipment committee (see Table below).


University equipment committee (UEC) representative

Contact details

Faculty of Humanities

Associate Professor Kevin Thomas

Tel: 021 650 4104

Faculty of Health Sciences Professor Jonathan Blackburn

Tel: 021 650 4574

Faculty of Commerce Professor Jean Paul van Belle

Tel: 021 650 4260

Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment Dr Reuben Govender

Tel: 021 650 4526

Faculty of Science

A/Prof Neil Ravenscroft

Tel: 021 650 4354

Faculty of Law Professor Dee Smythe

Tel: 021 650 5680

Centre for Higher Education Development Ms Samantha Leepan

Tel: 021 650 3983


The application, accompanied by recent quotes, must provide details on the projected lifetimes and motivations for each item. These motivations must show that the appropriate infrastructural support for the functioning of each item has been investigated.

Please submit your application via email or in hardcopy to your faculty equipment committee representative (see Table above for details).

The faculty equipment committee prioritises the requests and submits the applications to the UEC via the Research Office.


  • Applicants must be able to show that they have tried to get funding elsewhere, i.e. demonstrated fundraising effort is important. A minimum of a 10% contribution from the applicant is required. If part of the funding will be solicited from outside bodies, it is mandatory that a donor prospect clearance be obtained from the Development Office before approaching the UEC.
  • The UEC will not be responsible for currency differences caused by delays in purchasing equipment.
  • In the event that there is a saving due to currency differences, excess funds must be returned to the UEC.
  • Copies of the invoices of the final amounts must be submitted to the Research Office.
  • A report on the expenditure of this equipment award is required to be submitted to the Research Office in November of that year.

Emergency repair

On an annual basis, the UEC sets aside R250,000.00 for possible emergency repair requirements. Applications for emergency repairs are considered on an ad hoc basis by the chair.

National Equipment Programme (NEP) and the Nano National Equipment Programme (NNEP)

The National Research Foundation (NRF) runs the Research Infrastructure Support Programme which encompasses the NEP and the NNEP. Each year institutions are invited to put forward applications for this funding programme. The UEC selects the possible UCT applications which are then approved for forwarding for NEP and NNEP by the regional expensive equipment programme (REEP) committee. The faculty/department/individual is required to make a 10% contribution should the NEP/NNEP applications be successful.

REEP committee

The REEP Committee is made up of representatives from the higher education institutions in the Western Cape. The committee meets annually to approve NEP/NNEP applications for submission to the NRF.


Email for more information.


URC equipment application form (R&I18).

URC emergency repairs to equipment (R&I21).