Publication count deadlines

The Research Office has two deadlines for each publication count cycle:

  • mid-October for journal articles and conference proceedings, and
  • mid-February for the balance of these publications as well as books and chapters in books.

Please liaise with your faculty co-ordinator or the Research Office, regarding submissions published later than mid-February.  

The first and final deadlines set by the Research Office, for the 2015 Publication Count, are 14 October 2016 and 15 February 2017 respectively. Faculties have set their own internal deadlines (listed below); however, the Research Office encourages faculties to submit their publications on an ongoing basis between October and February.

The eRA Programme is currently implementing the Converis system which will support this process. Any changes to the deadline arising from this implementation will be communicated in good time.


For more information on the publication count contact the Research Support Services