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Creative Outputs and Innovations


Creative Outputs and Innovations



The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has developed a policy on the evaluation of recognition of creative outputs and innovations. The purpose of this policy is to recognise and reward quality creative outputs and innovations produced by public higher education institutions.  The policy can be found here.

Creative Outputs

  • Fine Arts and Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Theatre, Performance and Dance
  • Design
  • Film and Television
  • Literary Arts

Capturing Creative Research Outputs

All qualifying creative research outputs must be captured on the eRA system


Click on the links below to download the respective documents.

Department of Higher Education (DHET) policy-related information

Useful Guide, Templates and Checklist 

Concise creative research outputs submission guidelines:

The DHET’s policy requires that a researcher submitting creative research outputs, submit a number of declarations. You may use the template below to submit these declarations.

Checklist to Assist with Submissions



  • Patents
  • Plant breeders rights (PBR) 

The DHET will be working with the National Intellectual Property Management Office (NIPMO) to obtain submission details of institutional Patents. No direct Patent submissions will therefore be required from institutions.