Block grants


Block grants enable researchers to pursue their research. A URC block grant is intended as the minimum top-up necessary to enable researchers to carry out a realistic and feasible research plan.

All research-related activities for which researchers would like to receive URC support should be included in the block grant application.


The URC provides the budget for the block grant. The faculty allocation is calculated according to an outputs-based formula.

Grant allocation and distribution

Each faculty receives an annual block grant calculated in direct relation to the research outputs reported on in the previous year.

The distribution of the block grant is then managed at the faculty level. Faculty research committees (FRCs) are responsible for the management and distribution of their block grant according to a faculty-specific model approved by the URC. This is to provide maximum flexibility for aligning the use of block grants with faculty-specific strategies.

The process of grant allocation and distribution is as follows:

  • The Research Office prepares data based on the research report that informs the output-based macro-allocation formula.
  • The FRCs return the required data to the Research Office.
  • The Research Office finalises the faculty macro-allocations and informs the FRCs.
  • Applications must reach the FRCs by the deadline date.
  • The FRC processes the applications (each faculty determines their own process).
  • Applications are evaluated at FRC meetings.
  • The FRCs process and allocated the awards.
  • Block grant appeals to be submitted by the deadline date (which is set annually). A block grant appeals meeting is held to evaluate appeals submitted.

Researchers who wish to apply for URC support through a block grant are advised to contact their FRC.


Faculty principal co-ordinators

Contact details

Centre for Higher Education Development Ms Nicole Lesch
Faculty of Commerce Prof Michael Kyobe
Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment Ms Marlene Hyland
Faculty of Health Sciences Ms Carlette Hlungwani
Faculty of Humanities Ms Saziwe Gotyana
Faculty of Law Ms Lamize Viljoen
Faculty of Science A/Prof Becky Ackermann
Graduate School of Business A/Prof Stephanie Giamporcaro